GameMaker Platform Engine

  If you are looking for a good platform engine for use in your GameMaker game, you're looking at the right page! This engine has been used in several highly-polished games released by others that have been downloaded over 10,000 times. For example, one project, Another Metroid 2 Remake (AM2R), uses the engine and was in development for 10 years.


Platform Engine screenshot

This Platform Engine incorporates all of the advanced movement that should be in a platform game. Here is a list of its features:
  • Multi-player support (on the same computer)
  • Fluid movement
  • Variable jumping (holding the jump button longer results in a higher jump)
  • Precise collisions (the platform character stops exactly where the collision should occur so there is no space in between the solid and the character)
  • 9 different sprites for the platform character
    • jumping
    • falling
    • standing
    • running
    • ducking
    • looking up
    • climbing
    • flying
    • dying
  • 16 example rooms exhibiting the capabilities of Platform Engine
  • Jump-through platforms
  • Normal solids (that the character can't jump through)
  • Curved solids (with precise collision checking)
  • Ladders (with precise collision checking)
  • Moving solids (with precise collision checking)
    • Solids that can move in a straight line
    • Solids that can move in a circle
    • Moving solids that carry the character
    • Moving solids that don't carry the character (and make the character slip)
  • Moving solids that push the character (when the character is in their way)
  • If a moving solid is about to squish the character (that is, when the solid can't push the character anywhere), it will stop moving so the character does not get stuck inside of the solid (to avoid game errors)
  • Water
  • Goombas that stop precisely at solids
  • Goombas which the character can jump on top of and flatten
  • A varying animation speed for the character's sprites which depends on the character's speed
  • The ability to hold shift and run
  • The ability to jump and fly when the platform character is running at full-speed
  • Moveable blocks which can be pushed by the character

For the stable versions below, you must have Game Maker 6.1 or GameMaker Studio 1.4 installed. You do not have to be a paid user of GameMaker to open and run the files. You may use or modify this engine for your game as long as you note me as the original author of the engine. The download contains the engine, a demo, and a tutorial that teaches you how to use the engine.

Game Maker 6.1 Version

Download (Released 2007-02-08)
Legacy Game Maker 6.1 Installer (2007)

GameMaker Studio 1.4 Version

Luís César updated the engine to work for GameMaker Studio 1.4 along with various other improvements, such as replacing the sprites with ones not from Nintendo. A link to his posting can be found here.

Here is a copy of the .zip file, up-to-date as of 2017-01-19:

Download (Released 2017-01-19)